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Walked out into the street to see and hear the new lights and sounds of the strange city and were deeply interested in the general movement of the immense through of carriages, omnibuses, carts, carriages and people that passed in front of St. George Hall are imposing structure: The throug seemed made up of working people, they walked as if hurried along by an irresistible pressure. Boys give, men and women, some in plain clothing and some in scarcely any clothing at all barefooted and bareheaded all hurrying alone to getting in mostly precautious area in a while a familly hugging a woman with a babe in arms and two or three small children at her skirts she singing in mournful, heartbroken and heart breaking strains. Yet when the whale the crowd in cheerful, many voices and loud laughter occasionally rises from the multitude. One sees as this moving mass the circumvente energy there is in this English nation. I was horror struck by the number of short, men and women among these working people. They afford few of what is cursed them typical Englishman.Walked out into the street to see and hear the ...