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Wednesday 22, Sept. Its two o'clock, or there abouts the mountain south of dear old Ireland, to the delights of the expectant passengers myself included dance into view. Pleasant as our voyage had been, much as we admired the ship, short as had been our voyage, we were all delighted at the prospect of standing upon the solid old earth. In four or five hours after discovering land we were safely in the capacious harbour of Queenstown. In one hour after our landing here we were off again to the Irish sea for Liverpool. In that hour we had accessed our mail many of our passengers received London papers and some of us received letters from our friends. I received one from a Mr Rawlins of Wrexham Wales introducing me to his love in Liverpool. Sept 23. Arrived in Liverpool. Everything about the Docks much the same as forty years ago except forty years older and by years of smoke darker, feels no sign of decay anywhere all strong and solid about the Docks and people full of life and activity. In the Evening Helen