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Monday morning September 20. Have just been on deck alice enjoyed the contrast between the rough, cloudy, rainy weather of yes. with calm and tranquil outlook on the sea this morning. We have just through or by a large school of porpoises some of them apparently playing with our powerful ship by diving under its bow as if she were a fish like themselves. Since coming on board of the city of Rome I have been reading English Traits by Emerison and have been glad to find my own views of the civilization of England supported by one so thoughtful and able as the sage of Concord. I am to speak to Leech of the passages as may be disposed or pleased to hear more this evening if the good weather holds and I am dreading it. The arrangements to do so was entirely uncompleted and even regretted by me. Yet I have found it impossible to say no to an invitation so polite and pressinging. I hardly know what I shall manage to say to such an audience but something I must say when once on my legs.