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London May 31. Canidian Hotel - walked through the National picture gallery shop there the picture of a hork the final I was saw on canvass - wrote a letter to Mrs. Fancy Byse S. Rue Bean S Jour, Lausame a lady of fine intellect and of liberal religious news. My letter was in answer to one from her. In it she had said "The old heaven was a nice piece where are kindred spirits were to meet again, but we much make the bench of mother earth and memory". June 4 I have received letters with the following address - one from Mr. Dola Delany. I St.Johns Wood Park London one pour Mr. Arthur John Naish, 149 stradford road Bermingham - one from Mr. chas H Allen, 55 New Broad Street London. One from Mrs. Isabella Mills - northworld Borodese Mrs. Bigolow assurance legation London Sunday 5 June. Hear spurgeon - Denied with Mrs. Lucas J Charlotte that Beoford Square