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i have spoken of the from florena to receive but that was nothing in comparison with the reaie from milan to become. Delightful surprises in mountain scenery kept our eyes awake and eager all the way-now it was towering snow covered mountain tops, overhanging and frownling rocks deep gorges-looking as if opening to swallow up-our on dashing train, and now it was beautiful cascades leaping in dazzing splender down the darken mountain side-to join some dancing stream that threaded its way through depths below. Then there settle severs cottages twoked up neatly in with spaces-often higher use than the caple is woat build his nest and where avalaweher and danisleidy seemed may to threaten. Every possible corner of earth here which gavethe fainted promise of reward-seemed carefully filled-Here ah leak there are na i ellrms-men,women children all worker and even that form and gentlemen of season the day is seen helping his master to bean his furde.woman in their red