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more quiet in behavior. the Arno forms a beautiful feature of Florence as the Seine is to Paris. We leave tomorrow for Venice with a feeling that our stay has been all to brief in Florence. May 21. We have now spent four days in Venice, and two days, in Melau[?], and have passed this day in Lucern. The ride from Florence to Venice was delightful. The weather was neither too hot nor too cold. and bright sunshine gave a lustre to the snow crowned Appenines and let them off attractively and imposingly. As to Venice itself I can only say it surpassed all the ideas I had formed of it. It is a city by itself. I had read of its canals, its Gondolas, its Rialbs[?], its palaces, and its wonders of art, and its churches, and was prepared to look upon all with admiration, but had after small comprehension of its charms. The square in front of St Mark that monarch churches _is I_ flancked by the Doge's Palace and arcades on the other. Once seen will never be forgotten, and will always fill _tower before_ the mind with peculiar pleasure. In looking at