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and as much at their ease as the princely personages who roll by in their splendid carriages. This feature of the scence gladdens my eyes. We shall be here only three or four whole days and I am already greived to quitt their truley delightful city_ Sunday May We have now been in Italy since the 10th Five days of high living - and of tumultuous enthusiasm_ King Humbert and his wife, I should say the Queen, are here to unveil the splendid facade of the Duomo - the grand Cathedral of Florence. We have seen the Uffizi Palace with its fine pictures and statuary_ The church of San Marco_ the grand Mosoleum of the Medicis and the (?) built by Michel Angelo. Very impressive are the figures_ We have seen the monastery of San Marko_ and the room of Salronarla and the place where burnt to death _ and above all we have seen the streets of Florence crowded with its citizens and the peoples from the neighboring cities and country - and found them very like the same- crowds to be seen in American cities on great occasions only as I think a little more good natured though (?)