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America and the White Slave. It is said [sic] to think that one with such talent as Richard Hildreth should have died in absolute poverty in a foreign, but such I am told was the fact. In the same cemitary, where so many americans have found a last resting place. I found the grave of E. B. Browning. I have enquired and sought, but have not found in Florence the home of Miss Ludmilla Ashing the sister of my friend of many years Miss Ollilea Ashing. Alas! how soon are the dead forgotten, and how soon we who live must be consigned to the same oblivion. Florence is all alive to day. She is expecting the arrival of her king and queen. They are immensly popular not only in Florence all over Italy. The priests hate them; but the people love them. The streets are now, densly packed with a multitude eager to look upon royalty! yet what after