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Tuesday. May 11th. Arrived in Florence. My first excursion here was to the grave of Theodore Parker in the Protestant Cemetary. I found in the grateful shade of a cedar tree - covered with violets and rose attesting to the presence of some friendly hand. The brown headstone has nothing ornamental or costly about it. The inscription has only the name of the great man whose dash steeps below in with the date of his bearth and his death. I could but recall as I looked upon his grave, the many heroics rendered the cause of human freedom by him - freedom not only from physical chains but the chains of superstition - those which not only galled the limbs and tore the flesh but those which marred and wounded the human soul. A few feet from the remains of Theodore Parker lie those of Richard Hildreth - another American who will never be forgotten by those who have read his Book entitled Despotism in