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April18. We leave the Hotel Deza Paste to Day, and go MrsPatualli palazza Kloroue; 165 bargo Viralie'o among the interesting calls made upon at during them. Half at this Hotel, one of the most interesting was that of Mr.William and Heneford of un auestiesten England. We such yesterday at the u,p, Church Lenate. April 20th I plech most of the day is the hall of Itatuary will the Vatecan Said to be the best. Collection of such works of Art will the worls. Here we see the hear of the impersonals headed by there who law them and I sup[per they are lekesucceed love of them Latieu in their zoupty middle age and where and they had grown and handened in opinion on the revence. April 21. Attended the preveiling of the moments to Galolio on the Perican. The twins selected for the ceremony co-es well Chozen. Huras on the day upon which it is supposed that Rome, was founded, therefore the anniversary. The monument consists of