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Friday: April 15. We have now been in Rome (a second time) one week have witnessed the Easter ceremonies at St Petrs, abounding in excellent music, much kneeling, changing of vestments, much posturing, making signs of the cross, and what seemed to my eyes mere pantomime, but which to the worshippers I must try to believe was full of devotion. To day a great surprise came to me. I received a call at the Hotel De la Poste where I am stopping from a lady of very fine appearance who introduced herself as Mrs John Biddulph Martin, of 17 Hyde Park Gate S. W. She frankly, and I thought somewhat proudly told me that she was formerly Mrs Victoria Woodhull. I am not sure that I quite concealed my surprise, but a train of events flashed upon me, the impression of which was difficult to drive from my froi[?] and manner. I however soon began to think, what do I know of this lady, that I should think her otherwise than merely holding strange, and erronious opinions. I do not know that she is not in her life as pure as she seems to be. I treated her politely and respectfully, and she departed apparently not displeased with her call.