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the famous city and it surroundings – and note their chief features of interest. From the school of Plato to the waters Salamis. It was a scene never to be forgotten. The Planes of Attica were spread out at our feet. Over the mountains, we could almost see the fields of Marathon. Off towards the sea we could see clearly the mountains of Sparta. In the city of Athens, solemn and grand with its many pillars, stood out the form of the Temple of Thesious one of the most perfect and striking of all the fallen architecture ruins left to tell of the wealth pride ambition and power of the ancient people of this famous city. Thursday march 24. Tomorrow we shall leave this classic city for Italy. Stopping again for a brief period at Naples, and there to Rome. Today I took my last look at the Acropolis, and stood for the first time on Areopagus, and heard read Pauls famous address to the Athenians 18 hundred years ago. I tried to imagine the state of mind excited