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Wednesday March 16. Took passage ok Board the Egyptian Strangers strachie. for alturn. The weather presentation the passengers pleasant and we hope for a prosperous voyage. The thoughts of horn treading the classic throes of green is very exhibitory. Saturday 19th March. Have also a part of two days. Spent the first afternoon at the Aeroplit law the city from its heights - saw the great parthenon thatre of Dioglus it reputed to hold thereby thousands the decision said to have held in thousand the creathenium the propyloea there was pouch outs to us from the Aeropoles the place of the impreson of Aberatus on our way we passed the Temple of Jupiter of which these is now standing only 15 construction pillars cooking beautiful oven in their region. Saturday March we have been treated to day to one of the final views we even gown of any country in the same length of time . We ascended by a ZigZag path to the top of Lycabettus 919 feet above the level of the sea. I would look down upon