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The City of Rome is said to be the largest excepted the greatest in the world. She behaves beautifully in pleasant weather, but it remains for us to see whether she will gain this credit in a storm. Sept. 16. A strong head wind - lever said is sighted during the day. Pleasant greating by captains Monroe her and Mrs Chandler. The latter has seen and heard me before meeting me here. The English passengers all agreeable and mind their business not disturbed by our presence. My friend Dr. Harry Wayland urges me to address the passengers. I decline for the present but may do so by and bye.We are four hundred and 19 miles from Sandy brook at noon to day - The day has been without marked interest. 19 Sept. the morning opens beautifully on a smooth sea.-and a favorable wind - only one sail in sight at view clk am Our good ship glides along at the rate of 16 knots.