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It is not strange that people of Egypt almost deify the Nile without it there country would become a barren waste. The Nile feeds, clothes and shelters them, from it they get water to drink, water to bath, to wash their clothes from it they get their fish, the mud to build their houses & the fertilizer to repair the waste of the soil i.e. production. It is there the source of life and whatever of health and prosperity for which its people have to be thankful. It is great highway over which their products find their way to markets - and its bosom nights and day is covered with curiously rigged vessels. With wing shaped sails going to and from Cairo. Our trip was made upon a Dahhbieh - christened by Miss Richardson and Miss Agg as the Meni. 14th March Monday. Arrived at Alexandria Hotel Bonnard - Tuesday 15th March called upon Mr. Eurig Missionary also upon Jude J.B._ took a pleasant ride with him in company with Judge Brinkkoush afterward lunched with them. Saw Pompey's pillar and the ___. Also Alexandria library.