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Wednesday 2nd, March. Went to witness parade of Kabir battle by British troops stationed in Cairo. The people of Cairo were not attracted to see the fine show. They were evidently not over pleased with the presence and power of British soldiers though in truth, they are probably much better off with them than they would be without them. Thursday 3rd March. Went to look at Dahabiyeh in company with Miss Agg. and Miss Richardson. We are to go with them in it on our eight days up the Nile – in the afternoon walked with Helen through Bazar. March 11th Have just returned from a five days trip up the Nile as far as Beni Hassan. While there were few points of special interest reached during the trip, the excursion upon the whole moving to the general characters and history of the country, the peculiar character of the people met with along the shores of the great river, the strange appearance of the town, the varied scene presented by the barren and desolate land, mountains assuming all sorts of shapes sometimes resembling vast fortifications and at others reminding us of enormous animals. Was one of the interesting and delightful made during my tour abroad.