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Ground take root and spread indefinitely Monday 28th Febry. We rode away over a delightful road on Donkeys the Ghezireh Palace and Gardens and Grotto. It well repaid the trouble. Though for my part the ride on Donkeys among multitudes of people in oriental costume and crowds of Camils and Donkeys making a striking of Egyptian life was more interesting than Palace gardens or Grotto. Tuesday March 1st 1687 This has true one of the most interesting ways we have spent in Egypt. This morning we set out at half past seven on a journey of sixteen miles.Three to the Railway station-for Bedrachien and thence six miles on the backs of Donkeys to the site of ancient Memphis and the necropolis of Sakkara. The Donkey ride was a hard one but the results were very satisfactory. We first came to the site of Memphis and there we saw a piece of sculpture which suppose has no equal is the world- a statue of Ramzes forty two feet in heights- and here there fragments of broken architecture and sculpture. But the chief place of interest was several miles away. It was the necropolis of Sakkara with its pyramids and tombs. The tombs are truly architectural wonders.