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Wednesday Febry: 23. Called with Miss Conner on several Egyptian families in the morning and in the afternoon went to Heliopolis and saw the famous Ostrich Farm, and the beautiful _obelisk_ obilisque of red granite the only visible remains to the once great city of On. Thursday 24. Went the Museum in Cairo, the largest and best assemblage of Egyptian antiquities now, extant. The Room of the Mummies is startling when we thing _we_ we ar looking at people who lived and moved in this Valley three thousand years ago. In the Evening we took supper with Mr. & Mrs Harvey missionaries, after ward prayer meeting Friday 25, Febry. Wrote during the forenoon sent one letter to Mrs Crofts and one to Rosetta. In the afternoon went to see the _hot_ Howling Dervishers at worship. the Coptic Church and the Jewish Scynagauge, and then took a ride on the Shubra Road. There was much to remind in the worship of the Howling Dervishers of the colored Methodist campmeeting in the South. There were many spectators present, and the worshippers got a good bit of money by their queer performance, which by the