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Sunday Febry 20. Attended and spoke a few words to the Sunday School of the W. P. Church Mission. It was good to see in Egypt about two hundred of these people assembled to received instruction from Mr and Mrs Harvey, both Americans Egypt that gave knowledge to western Europe two thousand years ago was now sitting at the feet of the west, and receiving instruction from a part of the Western world then unknown! From the heights of her Cidalet we see _Cami_-_an_ the _Lybian_ Libyan hills and the Cheop _Gu_ Pyramids. The view is very inspiring. Monday Febry 21. Went to the house of Dr Grauh saw his museum of Egyptian curiosities. Called on the daughters of Arch Bishop Whately who have been here twenty five years teaching school: Excellent woman doing excellent work. Tuesday: 22d. In company with Mr and Mrs Shankland went to _the Libezeto_ Gizeh and Climed[sic] to the top of Cheops, the highest Pyramid in the Valley of the Nile. Its height is four hundred and seventy feet. The ascent is both difficult and dangerous and I would not undertake it again for any consideration.