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infidel shoes should not touch their sacred Courts. We saw several washing their feet and afterward kneeling and kissing or touching the floor with their foreheads. In one respect these Mosques are to be commended. They have no images of or pictures of Saints or God. Make no effort to personify Deity. Visited the tombs of the Mamelukes and on our way saw various forms of squalor disease and deformity all manner of importunate begging. It was truly pitiful to see a people thus groveling in filth and utter wretchedness. We also visited the Bazaars where all manner of fabrics are manufactured and sold. Here men were smoking their long pipes drawing the smoke through water and selling or rather offering their wares for sale. The most painful feature met with in the streets are the hooded and veiled women. It is sad to think of that one half of the human family should be thus cramped, kept in ignorance and degraded, having no existence except that of ministry to the pride and lusts of the men who own them as slaves are owned and who like and worst is they seem to like to have it so.