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i love pengiuns. It was a little disappointing, but I will wait for a nearer view. _Saturday Feb_ On our arrival in Cairo, we were met in the street by a grand Holiday Friday is the Mahometan Sunday, procession which block the street so completely that we were unable to go on for nearly the half of one hour. Our patience however was rewarded by seeing the Khedive, and having from him a gracious bow, and what is better to see the struggling, jostling noisy and, eager mass of his turbined subjects pushing there way between earth, carriages, donkeys and carriages at risk of life and limb. We could not have a better chance of seeing an Egyptian crowd. Though noisy and without form, utter chaotic, it was good natured, each one took the push of his neighbor without offense. The officer that endeavored to clear the way for the Khedive used a whip instead of sword or Bayonet. The sound of the whip upon some of the long skirts was sharp and loud, but no body was hurt. Saturday Febry 19. Called upon Mr. Cardwell, the American Consul General. Was very courteously received by him. Visited two Mosques We were not allowed to enter, without putting sandals so that