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Friday 18 Febry. We quitted Somalia today at 12 o'clock for Cairo, and a five hour run brought to our destination. This ride will not soon be forgotten. It was through the Bible famous land of Goshen. For the most part a land of unequalled fertility of outspread fields of green vegetation and of flourishing and picturesque palms. Hope we saw the same kind of a plow used two thousand years ago, for the people here like the laws of the Medes and Persians, change not. Everything we see reminds us of the days of Moses. I do not know of what color and features the ancient Egyptians were, but the great mass of the people I have yet seen would in America be classed with mulattoes and negroes. This would not be a scientific description but an American description. I can easily see why the Mohamadite religion commends itself to these people. For it does not make color the criterion of fellowship as some of our so called Christian nations do. All colors are welcomed to the faith of the Prophet. I am stopping at the New Hotel so called. Pretentious on the outside, expensive, but not well kept. I got my first glimpse of a pyramid today as we approached Cairo by the train.