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Smoke, smoke and smoke, looking as solemn as if they were on the way to a funeral. We have not been on this steamer as I have said more than 8 hours, but have already had two large meals and have the promise of two more before the day closes. I have not yet found out who the Captain, but like a true yankee our Helen has made the acquaintance of the pilots and has seen the Captain honroe. Everything lecture efficient and man seems to go very smoothly. Commands or calmly given and promptly obeyed. In the cabin where we are now are, a young man, is persistently boring on ears by playing on an organ that stands at our end of the dining saloon. The passengers towards each other exhibit the usual reserve at this the beginning of the Voyage, with air of indifference about the presence of each other. They will Show more interest as the days roll on and half of them shall feel the grip of Sea Sickness. Smoke, smoke and smoke, looking as solemn as if...