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pretty hard and our good ship is tumbling about on the sea, in a manner which makes it hard to write. We did not get a glimpse as we hoped in passing Sicily, of far famed Etna. We were told that it was hidden by the clouds. We hope for better luck on our return. Monday 14, Febry. If right in my estimate of the length of time I have been in the world, I am now 70 years old. Aside from a cold and a little hint of sea sickness, I am quite well strong and cheerful. This is a trying day for Helen and many other ladies on board. The wind is strong and the waves run high. Few seem ready for dinner. My case is better than most. For I am able to go at the sound of the Bell. I am a little surprised at the wild behavior of the Mediteranian. I expected better things of her. To night I saw the light on the Island of Crete. I suppose there was no light there when Paul sailed along its coast. It is strange that starting life where I did, and old as I am that I shd. be plowing this classic sea and on my way to the land of Moses and the Pharaohs. Where Joseph and his brothers went for corn and Joe.