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Saturday Feb 12. To courier forty franks and she refunded twenty franks. febry 13. On board the stearn ship or envoy bound for Egypt. This morning at eight o'clock Helen called me to the Bullseye to catch my first view of Strumboli, a volcanic mountain conical shaped, abruptly from the sea.There were which clouds about its base, but the morning light rested upon its summit and made be oh, beautiful. Soon after this there loomed in the distance the mountainous shores of Sicily - and those of Southern Italy - Messina on the one hand and corigio on the other and the straites between them in front of us. It was a deeply interesting spectacle and the morning was well fitted to heighten the effect. I could but congratulate myself that born as I was a slave marked for a life under the lash in the cornfield that was abroad and free and privileged to see these distant lands so full of historical interest and which those of the much highly favored by fortune the permitted to visit i find myself much at ease on this steamer. I am known to passengers and officers and all alike, seem to wish to make my voyage pleasant to me. It is now blowing