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Rain darkens the sky of Naples and makes us glad to remain under cover. Spent the evening at Mr. J. G. Fletchers. Thursday 10 Febry the rain continues. Jones resuvais tueck and we are still in the house. Friday Febry 11th. Wrote letters to Charley, Ada and Lewis and told them to direct letters to care of Mr. Edmund D. Putnam; Palazza Moroni; 165 Borge. Vecchio; Roma- Spent the evening with Mrs. Fletcher and her guest Mrs. Davis. We decided to day to extend our visit to Egypt and Greece - and if all is well we shall go on board the largest steamer (The Ormuz) afloat and shall steam our way over the blue waters of the Mediterranean to the Land of the Pharaohs. The thought of this trip to Egypt and Greece will probably keep me awake to night. The tour is entirely outside of my calculation when leaving home - but it will be something to contemplate when it is done. It is no small thing to see the land of Joseph and his brethren and from which Moses led the Children of Abraham out of the House of Bondage.