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invite attention to the mountains along whose base we ride, After reach Amalfi. We had the greatest treat of all a ride upon Donkees, to the Capuchin Conveuh once the home of the Capuchin Monks,Wednesday Febry 9th We reach yesterday to far famed Peturw passing Through Sclaruo- a beautifully situated town in the Boush the few White rulling of which were seen long before we reached it on own way from Amalfi. Al Paesture we saw the celibrated Temple of Neptune built seven hundred years before the birth of Christ and here it stands to day in stately and solemn grandeun. Impressive by its loveliness as well as by its enduring perfections. Twenty five hundred years have shaken their hoary leaks over its majestic form and sunsheiw and storm have honey combed its massive walls and pillars yet there it stands and is likely to stand a thousand years hence. It has seen Pompii and Kesculawsim rise and penish. It has seen Rome rise decline and fall. and a new religion was wave. Empires grow strong and crumble and may see changes immense and innumerable. There is something truly Solemn in contemplating this old Temple. To day we are writing letters to American a heavy rain