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Febry. Monday 7. we go to day to Amalfi in company with MR and Mrs Murry from Sidney Australia. The ride is said to be one of the most delightful of any of this sur passingly charming Bay of Naples- The Rev I.G Fletcher is to accompanying us. Tuesday 8. we have found the ride to Amalfi. more delightful need more impressions than any description of its of written or spoken. the road must have taxed engineering skill to the utmost, they who built it had to fight against sea and land. against heights and depths above and below. and solid rocks infront. the road is an engineering triumph. and affords one of the finest rides in the world. The towns along the road side. With their terraced gardens of lemons and oranges seem rivitted to the bold over hanging rocks to keep place tumbling head long into the sea. Some of the curves in the road in order to over come the steeps and depths. take the form of a horse shoe the heels of which come close to each other and making the impressing, that we were traveling in a circle. The view of the sea from the road is a constant delight to the eye. Little and larger vessels dob the whole cover with their white sails oppose their attractions to the many pleasing sights that