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in some respects those of modern civilization. The magnificence of their dwellings, the splendour of their couples, the esetuch of their amphitheatres, the costliness of their decorations in paintings and sculpture, the amazement of their baths. Cold and warm tile of vast wealth, marvellous thoughh and still, The variety of ale efforts in this live is enforced with tremendous emphasis as we walk amid these rash ruins and feel that even what we see one only one thin & of what be still buried under the arches of the still smoking mountain we see in the distance. Sunday Febry 6. Attended U.P. Church in the morning. Heard a sermon on Balazar by Rev. Mr. Irving - rather a memorable discourd. Dined with Mr. Gutheridge au-English Gentleman. In the evening listened to Mr. Jones who preached in Italian at the Methodist Church. I was called upon for a few words at the close, which was interpreted by Mr. Jones. I congratulated the congregation their they had now the Liberty to worship outside the Romanish Church and said a few words of human Brotherhood.