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Several letters came on board and were handed to me after our voyage began and we were well on our way to the gates of the sea and unfortunately the pilots left the ship too soon to possibility of sending a word of answer or a word of farewell to many dear friends to whom it would have been a pleasure to have sent such a word. We have now been on this noble ship about 8 hours and no sign of the dreaded trouble of sea sickness. Had two or three sharp talks with Mr Brulock and Mr Wayland. The latter is a remarkable clever talker and is a man very free from pretense but I fear is a little biased in his politics by Mugwampism. I like him. We have but few few passengers and of them there is a large sprinkling of ladies. Much of the latter thus far have spend their time on deck in steamer chairs with books peacefully closed on their laps more as ornaments than for use while the men walk the deck and