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These heathen Temple represent a religion as sincerely behind in as men now behind in the christian religion and Paul was an infidel to this heathen religion as much as Robert Innersole is now to the christian religion. Thursday 3d 1887. Was a day spent in comparative quiet.We needed to rash from the labors of the previous day- Friday 4 Jan.Another frightful day.In company with Mr.Flatcher who knows this region about the Bay of Naples by heart.We went to Pompeii destroyed in the year 79 by the ashes and lava of Vesuvius.I was told in Rome that there was little to see in Naples-but it was almost worth the voyage accross the Atlantia to see the part of Pompeii already unearthed and to think of the two thirds of its still underground.All that has been said and written of this buried city is exceeded by the city itself.It speaks to us of the age and the body of ancient times with a power and vividness which holds us in breathless and thoughtful attention.These Pompeians some of whose forms are exhibited in the museum were written and powerful slave holders and surrounded themselves with luxuries which surpass