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Tuesday Feb 1st I contented... herself in walking above a long the Villa Nation -ale, looking at the fishermen on the Bay and the fact horses- which closed by- In the Evening lectured on John B. to a few audience in the U.P.Ch. presided over by the Re Mao Evening. Wednesday 2nd February. In Company with a large and party traded by Rev I.G. Thatcher. We went to Pozzuoli, the Paten ole of the Bible and denied on the shore of the river Styoo. The whole description was deeply interesting. The ground over which we want was full of Romance remains and the evidence of the wealth and genus of that enterprising and war like people. The landing place of Paul- the tomb of Terril,the house of Cicero where Brutus Portia with Portia- the thieves of Temples were shown us with many other objects. It was a day long too be renumbered. That which interested me most was the fact that I was looking upon the country seen eighteen hundred years ago by the prisoner apostle on his way to Rome to answer for his religion. In somehow gave me a more vivid impression of the heroism of the man as I looked upon the grand reviews of the religion against which real dared to preach.