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n 29-Speech the fore noon in writing.Afternoon coach with Helen and Mrs Daves of Ind an amiable San martino a convent of the capuchin monks the largest convent of the kinkd in the world.It is however no longer a livingk convent,It has been taken possesion of by the Government and its five halls are now a museum full of painting,and many other interesting works of Art-The church in this old convent is one of the most costly in Europe.I have seen so much of these religiousk paintings that I was less interested in what I found here than in the fine view of the city and harbor. Sunday 30 Heard a strange sermon at the U.P.Church one of the greatness of man. Monday31Jan. Went to museum with miss Lewis the friend of miss Gates.A birds eye view of pictures,statuary and many objects of interest taken from the nubius of Pompeii and Herculaneum.The perfection of some of these in form color and utility was remarkable considering their antiquity.In some respects they transcended modern art.The museum is something to be seen not once but many times in order to comprehenced its many attractions