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Before entering the city we were startled by a wonderous speotuch one which almost paid us for our voyage across the sea. It was a vast volume of vapean and smoke converted by brilliant sunbeams with snowy whiteness and oprandly floating off over the blue Mediterranean from the far facued lustrious mountain. the light reved and held us in almost breathless interest and became more impossing and impressive the longue we beheld it. Jan:28. Our excursion to day took us to mountain palace and its beautiful grounds on capo di monti a splendos place giving us a splendid view of the bay-vesureiw , lerents, capri and the surrounding country. The palace is a plain state by building without, but very richly furnished and abounded with numerous works of ark, paintings and slotuary. A picture of the assonsensation of julious caeser was very strecking and one of michel angels. kissing the hand of his dead friend. vitoria colounon fixed attention. Besides helen and myself our party was composed of miss gates, miss lewis ur and mrs hipware, miss gate is an artist and philanshropests has done a ghost deal for the colored for objects