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jan 26.called to see miss exmonea lewes who had loaned here louris booho-found hen in a large building near the very top in a reng pleasant room with a commanding new h.4 hia pute fopa setwmtre , roena-scene the leves and hem slu plus her finger in her art as a sent peteren she is seemed very cheerful and happy and lueesful. she made us oblejed to her for kind offers to lerve us in any way she could and she certainly seems us to serves in many ways , she has reseded in rome twenty years and constantly speaking obtain has sorce what in passed her in English thursday jan :37 he started for bafeles and after a pleasant ride of rise hours- beginning with rain and walking with sun shine shine with the snow had appenences , delighting our eyes as we those along with their changing formly and lofty heights and the valley through which we passed out spread with well telled fields- spotted here and them with heads of sheeh and occasional groups of women , in pictures que head year, hard of with spad and hoe- among the vines and jurden to increase the harve of the jorney.we arrived at naples.