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The face of the Pope Pius was given by the Artist a celestial expression surpassing any modern attempts in that direction I have seen- Some of the faces of the Cardinals seemed to be a little doubtful and had been brought to consent to the new dogma under external pressure rather than internal conviction. After seeing the wonders of the Vatican went to lunch with the Patnams-at their Hotel. Palazzo, horoni 165 Borgo, Vecchio, Roma- to spend here the remainder of the day and spent it very pleasantly. The elder Mrs. Patnam, was formerly Miss.Condime Remond- sister to the late Charles Lenor Remond, -Her son Edmund married a Miss Ebbson of Cheltenhouse England- a very pleasant lady who is now the mistress of the house. She meet here She that I knew forty years and more ago as Miss Sarah Remond - and also Masida Remond - A daughter of the late Rev John Sargeah is boarding with the Patnams - It was very delightful to meet this charming circle of Massachusettes people away off here in the city of Rome. Like myself the Remond sisters with exception of Condime have grown quite old - but in all of them I saw much of the fire of their eloquent Brother Charles.