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Sunday 23 Jan. Visited a second time the Pincian hill and in the bright summertime of that day took another view of the great city and listened to its thousand bells calling its people to worship. The scents and sounds of that town was full of interest and suggestions of thoughts carrying the mind back over vast periods of history and the effect was heightened in the afternoon of that day when we stood upon the capitalaice hill and surveyed the stupendous coliseum and the vast remains of this fabulous hill itself over which have rolled the destructive forces of two thousand years. Monday 24. We were by special favor to see house of the interior treasures of St. Peter. This privilege was secured to be us by Mrs. C. L. Putnam, and through the friendship for her of an unnamed priest. These treasures consisted of costly remnants of muted with gold, silver, neck pieces, and all measures of precious stones worn by popes, cardinals, bishops on great occasions. Then there were gold and silver crosses thickly jewelled entities and other brilliant things with which papacy will known had to dazzle the eyes of the credulous and superstitious. The sight of these things only increased my sense of the hollow need of the vast structures of the Norwich Church and my convictions that societies must in the end do for