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Jan 18th: Came to the old town of Pisa. Saw the Leaning Tower, the cathedral, the chandelier suspended in the end of which it is said that Galileo obtained his idea of the motion of the earth. Saw also the Baptistery remarkable for its architectural property and its wonderful acoustic property, the effect of this reverberating quality of the place is almost startling yet very pleasing. Jan 19th: The day of days in our tour for it brought us to Rome. We are stopping at the Hotel Dafur- a very comfortable Hotel.It is night and we munch out our curiosity till morning. The ride is for the most part in sights of the Mediterranean on the one hand and snow capped peaks in the other and yet men were plowing green fields on either side of the road and women were at work in the field also . All the plowing was done by Oxen and they of a very long horned breed. Olive and pine trees, the latter called umbrella pines because of the shape.