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without crossing over to either. The Guide book told us A. was remarkable for its beautiful women. They must have been in their houses. They certainly did not appear in the streets. The town seemed the . I have been in Jan 13th : Arrived in Marseilles, last night, Too dark to get a view of the blue waters of the Mediterranean.We took a room at the Grand Hotel Beauvau. On the morning of the 14th took shelter into a small boat and was thawed out to the di chateau D. If made famous by the story of Monte Miesta by Alex. Dunias. Jan 15th : Took train for nice stops at Hotel West End. Tier is a calibrated winter research for health and is a most delightful place, both for climate and the splendid view of the blur waters of the Mediterranean. Spent about one day here and pushed on through Men tone and several other interesting towns to gen-ova. Took board for three days and this brought us to Tuesday, 18th.