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Sunday Jan: Co- came to Avignon. Took lodging at Hotel On Luxembourg and was made very comfortable. Avignon is one of the oldest, quaintesh, crookedness and queeresh places I ever visited. It is a walled city and the walls are in excellent condition. It was once the city of the Popes, and there is here an old Palace of the Popes and a church connected with it in which five Popes were crusee: The Palace is a vast place more like a castle to be defended by armies, than the residence of a minister of the Prince of Peace. In walking through is massive walled corridor and galleries. Some of them prestored with laints and angel - its stately towers - its hall of the _ - and peeping into its auugious, its room of inguctions where people were tortured and sentenced to death for rejecting the dogmal of the Romish parish. I almost hated the name of church. What a horrible lie that Romish church has palmed of upon the people of this and offer Country pretending that its Pope, is the Vice general of God, the creator of the Universe, and how strange it is that a millions of some men have believed this stupendous and most arrogant lie.Sunday Jan: Co- came to Avignon. Took lodging a...