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Took a carriage and drove to the country in search of cemetaries. Supposing we should find from the Books where our friend was laid. We were taken by a mistake to the Ste. Greil Cemetaire, and did not stop long. We supposed he could not be laid in a Catholic ground and never supposed for a Protestant cemetaire and Drove off to one in wh. both catholics and Prots. were buried but after diligent search here no trace of his grave was found. The Books did not show that he was interred here at all. The wer be took ourselves to the other side of Lyons. We had been on the East side of the Rhone, and now we took ourselves to west side of the Sparre, the two rivers are on either side of the city. The two rivers were on either side of the city. Our luck was no better on the one side than the other. But from the heights of on the West side, had the weather favored us, which it did not we should have an extensive view of the country about Lyons, and same day we might have seen the Alps.