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We moved off bag and baggage to the hotel Le Bordeaux and found here excellent accommodation. We spent here Saturday and Sunday 8th + 9th Jan-. On Saturday morning we proceeded first of all to the American Consulate, for the purpose of ascertaining the Cemetery in which Henry Wagoner, formerly connected with the Consulate was interred. Was received at first by Msr. Bryan the consul rather coolly but after a while his manner changed and became warmer and he allowed us to see his Books but we gained but little from them. In fact we only learned that Mr. Wagoner's salary ceased in 1878. The consul told us that we might out what we wanted by going to the Hospital Dieu where he supposed Mr. Wagoner was treated till he died. We went there and spent a long time in searching but found nothing to show that Mr. W had been in that Hospital. These inquiries occupied Saturday the 8th Sunday 9th. We went