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that wonder of Naval Architecture the Great Eastern_ now used as a show and a low class of Theatricals. Helen has a history of the great ship up to this date. Two days ago we visited the famous old Town of Chesterfield of historic interest - reaching back to the Roman invasion. A part of the old Roman wall still remains to bear witness to the marvellous (sic) power of that people. The Cathaderal(sic) in this place is one of the finest in England and we spent several hours viewing its pulpits alters(sic) tablets its carvings, pictures and its imposing architecture. Religion builds no such Temples in our day. The pride of rival sects does pretty fair work as the line, but it cannot equal these structures of the past. The imagination is nowhere addressed to be powerfully addressed as in all the appointments of these old structures. It is noticed that the Church of England is fast returning to Romanism. A catholic priest was asked if he did not feel resentment at the fact that this grand old Cathedral had gone into hands of the