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Sept: 24. Attended the inter national exhibition. Much interested - especially in the display of fine models of naval architecture and many other mechanical branches. though the display in no decade equals our centennial exposition. 25. Sunday - a quick stroll over the city - where we saw Liverpool in its sunday cloths and its sunday stillness and repose. It was a hush almost. complete - more perfect than even a Washington Sunday. There was above us a struggle of sunshine and shadow but the blue sky had the advantage. In the evening we attended worship at Pembrook chapel. A fair sermon and good hearty singing by a choir of boys led by a man. Oct 1st We have now spent a week in Liverpool. Have visited the art galleries, the free library and the autumn exhibition of new paintings. In the gallery there are two powerful pictures one description of a struggle for life between wolves and the others of a Slavehunt by Bloodhounds in America. We have also visited